Environmental Air Quality

Environmental Air Quality Services

GTA Environmental offers a variety of services in the Environmental Air Quality field which includes:

Exhaust Stack

Exhaust Stack

Toxics Reduction

In Ontario, a new regulation has been released in January 2010 to replace the outgoing O. Reg. 127, “Air Emissions Reporting. The new regulation is similar to the old regulation and NPRI reporting, but is more comprehensive. It requires companies to actively manage their air emissions and to try and reduce consumption and emissions to the environment.

In 2011, companies will have to submit plans to the MOE on their 2010 data, and how they intend to reduce emissions. GTA Environmental can help with these plans.

NPRI Reporting

Organizations that report under Environment Canada’s NPRI system must also report the same information to the MOE. These emission reports are due each year in June for the previous year’s emission data.

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