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Black mold removal is not something to be taken lightly and it is dangerous. Mold removal should not be performed without proper protective clothing such as mask, suit and gloves. Mold removal should also be performed under a proper containment in certain instances. Sometimes people take it upon themselves to remove the mold growth without taking proper precautions. Many times, shortly after this mold removal, the people within the home come down with rashes, sickness, allergies, asthma, headaches and weakness.

When removing black mold, many times it becomes airborne, whereas if it was left untouched and undisturbed, the airborne spores would have been minimal in comparison to the disturbed black mold.


Mold Surveys

Mold Surveys

It is very important to have mold testing and a mold inspection performed before a Mold Remediation or Mold Removal. This will determine the air quality before the removal and also determine the extent of damage. From this, a full plan of action can be put together for a proper removal, including the requirements for containment, negative air pressure or HEPA machines for air scrubbing, and protective clothing.

When getting a mold inspection, you should verify whether your Mold Inspector provides a full written report with recommendations on how to perform the mold removal, as well as recommendations on how to prevent future mold growth. Many times the mold inspector or mold removal expert does not leave the customer with proper information and the mold growth returns.

It’s very important to get an experienced professional. Sometimes an expert is hired, mold testing is performed, and leaves the customer with merely a set of tests and results. This leaves the scope of the work up to the remediation contractor, who will be performing the mold removal. This leaves the customer on a real open end with regards to recommendations. These inspections are most times more expensive than those performed by the experts at GTA Environmental and they don’t provide half of the service.

Before mold removal, it is extra important to hire an experienced mold inspector to perform a proper inspection and provide a protocol that can be followed by a mold removal technician. This protects you. Our mold experts at GTA Environmental give you the service that you need to ensure that the mold removal is performed properly.

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